LS-C vs SS-J Output Report

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Hi all,

This is my first post on this forum, looking forward to learning a whole lot and eventually contributing. I've been reviewing energy models for about 4 months now, and I'm confused about the LS-C vs SS-J reports.

It seems that the LS-C report only considers the building loads related to infiltration, occupancy, lighting power and any other internal loads. Is this correct?

I see that the SS-J report provides a breakdown of the peak loads per system type. Does that mean it considers all things in LS-C in addition to outdoor air load? It seems this would be the way to size a buildings equipment. Last question: how can I sum all the system peak loads from SS-J without going line-item by line-item?

Ultimately, I'm looking to determine the % load reduction from a baseline model and a proposed model. The intention is for incentive purposes related to an improvement of the building envelope, and ERV's are not supposed to be considered. I would guess that the LS-C report would provide this load better than the SS-J, since ERV's consider outdoor air and further reduce the loads. 

Thanks all for your help. Cheers.


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