Heat Recovery Exceptions - Baseline Adjustments

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Hi, I'm working on a 2-story 140,000 sf manufacturing facility and wanted some feedback on how to best set up the Baseline. The facility is compromised of a significant amount of office, warehouse and lab/manufacturing spaces. The lab spaces with 5,000 cfm exhaust are on their own System 5 per Appendix G, and don't have heat recovery per exception c. The remaining warehouse and manufacturing spaces follow Appendix G with System 5 per floor per G3.1.1. Remaining office spaces are on System 3 as their occupancy differs significantly from the rest of the building per G3.1.1b.  

My questions are: The VAV per floor approach leads to a Baseline system that requires heat recovery per Table However, several of the manufacturing spaces (not labs, otherwise would be grouped with the lab VAV) are included on this system. The manufacturing spaces would not be required to have heat recovery per How would we determine if the Baseline unit serving both warehouse and manufacturing spaces would require heat recovery if a significant portion of the manufacturing spaces it serves would be exempt from heat recovery? Would it be as simple as reviewing only the CFM and outdoor air supplying the warehouse (non-toxic spaces) against Table

What is considered a lab as referred to in G.3.1.1A? Would it be appropriate to include manufacturing spaces with high exhaust rates on this?

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