90.1 compliance - LPD assumptions/building envelope

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Hi all-

I am going through the exercise of modeling a building that does not actually exist and is in a VERY conceptual phase.  I need to model the building as if it was minimally compliant with ASHRAE 90.1.  This is not for LEED purposes, the purpose is to demonstrate how much green house gas emissions the proposed building will eliminate when built better than minimally compliant with MA building code (which is ASHRAE 90.1 with some specific MA supplements).

For this purpose, for the interior lighting LPD, can I just assume the Builing Area Method LPD for each area type?  (The entire building is a manufacturing building, but on the Interior Lighting Loads and Profiles page, can I use the LPD for manufacturing facilty for each area type, for example: comm/ind work, storage, office)?

Regarding exterior ligthing, just assume an exterior LPD that is equivalent to what the exterior lighitng power allowance + 5% of that sum? 

As far as the building envelope gioes, do I need to enter in roof and exterior wall construction or can I just create a construction that has an R-value that is minimally compliant with ASHRAE 90.1?

This seems like a convoulted excercise compared to modeling to demonstrate LEED compliance.

Thanks for your help!

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