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Hello all,

I'm getting an error right now causing my project to not load up out of the design development wizard! The error states, " An invalid argument was encountered." Can anyone enlighten me as to what this means? When I left work yesterday everything was fine and this morning without changing anything it is throwing me this error.


Dwight Pederson EIT

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Try restarting eQuest and/or your computer. I've had this problem before and rebooting has usually corrected it.

Rick Goeres, PE, LEED AP

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I have had this and sometimes a simple computer reboot is necessary. Also, are you runniung this on a computer that is set for Window?7, Service pack 2 ? I had a devil of a time trying to run eQuest in Windows Vista, and I am unsure if it it really likes Windows 7or 8.
Remember, eQuest does not belong to Bill Gates, so its compatibility may not be upgradible.
John R. Aulbach, PE

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For all crashing PR models.

It should take you no longer than 15 minutes to fix.

You need to follow these directions precisely:

Open a NEW equest file.

Click "start a new model with the wizard"

Hit schematic design.

You'll see the 1st window pop up. HIT the red button X.

Whatever the next pop up is, hit NO.

Go to File, IMPORT

Cancel the 1st window the pops ups then a 2nd window will pop up import
your INP file from your crashing model.

Hit no when it asks you to preview the import.

You should have the model back up, but you need to upload the weather

Go to the building shell tab.

Right click on "project" in the component tree. Go to properties.

Specify the NC code. Enter " .bin" for the weather file. (or
whatever file you need for the project)

Hit no when it asks you to preview the import.

Run the baseline and make sure it matches the same report as the
crashing model.

When you verify that it all matches, get your PRD file from your crashed

Take this prd file and copy it to whatever location your new model is

Rename the prd file to the same filename as your new model

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