Space heating in the summer.

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I have ~4,000 sq ft bldg that I've been building the energy model for and I'm having issues with the heating hours and gas utilization.

So the main issue is that there is a large amounts of space heating during july/aug/sept. (small compared to Nov/Dec/Jan, but large enough considering I shouldn't have any in these months).

Now, I think the issue is over cooling, which prompts a reheat cycle to bring the temp back up, and I'm guessing it's just caught in some kind of over cool - reheat cycle in the summer. I am using a packaged multizone system, so I think this is the result of improper inputs for my Max-Supp-T, Min-supp-t, and design-cool-t's.

I have to admit that I had problems with unmet hours before this, which prompted me to up my max-supp-t until those where met. And I adjusted my design t's to have a large range. So that fixed the unmet hours problem but I still have heating in summer months.

I have tried to set my temps according to this guide I had found:

... but that too led to huge unmet hours, and still the same problem of space heating in the summer.

Does anyone have any ideas of how I can stop an over-cool scenario in summer months (if that's the culprit). Or would anyone have time to take a quick gander at the file? I could post it or send it.



Edit 01: I read elsewehere on this forum that changing my cool-control to warmest would fix the summer heating issue, and it does to a degree.. (pun intentional)... but it also results in huge unmet heating hours in the SS-O report. I suppose I could create an on/off schedule to just turn the furnace off in the summer months... but I bet any money that that's going to result in huge unmet heating hours as the space is over cooled again. ... maybe my cool-deck-T is too low? I have it at 13celcius which is what is spec'd in the cut sheets. 

Can anyone help with this?

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