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i have four storied building and i have written on in each shell as no
of floors as one,shell multiplier as one but when seen in zone group and
definitions where the floor zoninng is shown it is written as ground
floor for all stories even though i have different names of shell
written how to change it ,it is ground floor group and assignments. i
want different names for all stories as mezanine ,first second ,etc

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Let me see if I understand. You have created several shells in one of the Wizard modes, naming each and showing a floor multiplier for each. When you look at the Tree Diagram to the left, it show a ground floor in each shell. Do I interpret this correctly?
In the Wizard, you can state the Shell 2 is on top of Shell 1, with the Shell 2 floor adjacent to conditioned space or adiabatic (no heat flow). The Tree will still show a "ground floor" but it will NOT be attached to the ground.
The only way I know to get the "right" names into each floor is to finish all you can in the Wizard mode (wall types, orientations, etc), then switch to the Detail Edit mode and rename all the floors to what you wish.
Be sure?to save a copy of your Wizard run in case you need to start over.
Hope that helps.
John R. Aulbach, PE

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