[Equest-users] Unable to assign a VAV "terminal type"

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I have been contemplating this for a bit now as I am setting up a standard VAV system for LEED model. My question that I am not fully understanding where to input the VAV fan energy and as mentioned, all boxes under TERMINAL-TYPE are not available unless you force a default. Even then, ZONE-FAN-KW/FLOW is only for PIU system type. I do not think it would make since to enter the zone VAV box fan energy at the system SUPPLY-KW/FLOW. Am I suppose to allow equest to make up its own fan power values for the VAV box? The central air handler is not a DOAS so I do not think OA-FROM-SYSTEM is a good option nor is creating a system for each VAV box while including the central air handler in the Heat Recovery tabs.

If there is no reasonable way to input zonal fan energy for VAV boxes then it should not matter whether each VAV zone is accounted for which means I wasted a couple days rezoning the model for each VAV zone. Is this true?

Would someone please provide a refresher of the VAV fan energy inputs for this model type? Thank you.

Kevin Kyte, PE, BEMP, LEED (r) AP

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