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Hi, Dear user:

Thank you for your answer, I'm a little clear about same question.

But when I check the ASHRAE 90.1 2007, the description of the steel
framed walls' construction, in A3.3 ,has two gypsum boards one lays on
exterior , and anther lays on interior.

But you only show the interior one in your answer, is that a mistake or
I'm no clear with that?

And by the way, I saw you use the polystyrene when there is an
additional R-factor(I'm no very clear about the different between
-factor and -value, hope it's a right description) ,is that all right ?
Could I always use the polystyrene when I meet the additional R-factor?

Thank you for your help

Best hopes form Joey in China.

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Kelsey VanTassel KVanTassel at sustaineng.com

Tue Mar 1 06:49:26 PST 2011

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You can create custom constructions with the following layers. You will
need to adjust the thickness of the insulation layers slightly to
achieve the exact U-factor (inverse of overall R-value), but here is a
good starting point:

Roof (see A2.2.1): Built-up roofing, Polystyrene 4 in (R-5/in)
Walls (see A3.3.1): 1" Stucco, 2 in Polystyrene, create a material based
on resistance with a R-value of 6.0 to represent the effective R-value
of the steel studs plus batt insulation (Table A3.3), 5/8 in gypsum wall

Kelsey Van Tassel

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The Rocky Mountain Institute has a lovely set of modelling tools for eQuest, and they include a text file with ASHRAE baseline constructions that can be copied and pasted into your .inp file. Their file also includes reset schedules for the CHW and HW loops and some other useful tidbits.

The link is: http://www.rmi.org/rmi/ModelingTools

All the best,

Daniel Knapp, PhD, LEED? AP O+M

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Also consider adding the .inp in the attached message to your toolbox
and simply importing to assign what you need. This .inp is something
that's been distributed on the onebuilding.org lists in the past,
containing 90.1-2007 baseline roof and steel-framed wall constructions
for all climate zones, compiled with layers referencing Appendix A
requirements and materials per ASHRAE Fundamentals. Review the notes
contained in the .inp for more info.



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