eQuest Inquiry: Modeling RTU VAV with Gas-Fired Furnace Heating in RTU and Electric Resistance Re-Heats

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Howdy eQuest Users!

Am new to eQuest (but not to Energy Modeling, where we have 10 years of experience)
Energy Modeling software, and need some assistance to keep our current Performance
Theater Project moving forward.

The main RTU is a VAV System with Gas-Fired Furnace Heating in the RTU and with Electric Resistance
Heating for the Re-Heats (with a mix of VAV Boxes and Power Fan Boxes (PFB)).

When modeling with eQuest, I only see available this type of system with only Electric Resistance?
Heating inputs (entered in units of kW) in the eQuest software. However, our building has gas-fired furnaces
in the RTU and only Electric Resistance in the Re-Heats.

How can I model this reasonably accurately? Specifically, how can I enter the heating capacity
of the gas-fired furnace housed in the RTU?

Please reply! I will look on the message board history as well.

Thanks & Best Wishes!

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