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Hi everyone.  I'm working on calculating energy savings from defaults Equest models by changing the thermostat settings. I have changed the settings for cooling, heating, keeping design temperature at 70F.  It was expected that the result should be different at different settings, however some of them are the same.

If cooling occupied CO, Cooling Unoccupied CU, Heating Occupied HO, Heating Unoccupied HU, with a same temperature Design of 70F, for example we have the same results for the following variations:

CO 70, CU 70, HO 68, HU 68 = CO 69, CU 69, HO 69, HU 69 = CO 68, CU 68, HO 70, HU 70.

I've made several runs in 3.64 and 3.65 version,  for restaurant defaults and offices for Arizona, and Alaska.  I attach a table for restaurants, where you will find that the results are the same for other temperatures settings too. 

Any thoughts about this? seemed equest calculated based on averages thermostat setpoints, but more runs showed that this was not the case (see table highlited in red)


variations in thermostat settings and results
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