How to design a building only for Natural Ventilation

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How can I use E-quest (or any other software, say Trnsys ,incase you know) to model a multistorey residential/commercial building ONLY for Natural Ventilation.

I wish to obtain the following parameters as the output: Room Temperature and Room Relative Humidity. I have to check, using hourly reports if the unconditioned rooms in the building are or are not satisfying the requirement of less than 33 Degree Celsius and less than 70%RH (as per GRIHA).This is considering I have provided the weather file as input viz a viz to the location of the building.

 I have done these steps till now and simulated but haven't achieved the desired output. 

For all the zones and systems in my model:

Zone Type: Packaged Single Zone.Then Under Natural Ventilation tab for Outdoor air of the system:

Ventilation Method: Sherman Grimsrud

Ventialtion Use Schedule: Natural Vent Operation Schedule( Here I put an ON schedule for all the 24hrs)

Ventilation Temp Sch: Natural Vent Temp Schd ( Put a temp of 91.4oF for all the 24hr)

Window Open Probability Sched: Window Op Sch ( Considering there are only fixed windows which are open for all the 24hr, using fractional value=1) 

Air Changes/Hr =0 kWh (Considering there is no fan in any zone to exhaust and air flow in the room will take place naturally)

Total Vent Area Fraction=0

Horizantal Vent Area Fraction=0.3

Then under Fans for a system, I set the Cooling fan schedule as undefined.( this is to switch off any circulation using a mechanical system for cooling.)

Under Zones, Thermostat Schedules: Cooling & Heating=Natural Vent Temp Sch & Indoor Design Temp for both cooling and heating =91.4oF

Can you please tell me, after i simulate,in which report of the SIM file, I can obtain the individual room temperatures and RH

Also if you can, elaborate how to use Effective-Leakage-Fraction to model for Natural Vent.

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