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I just posted this to the BLDG sim list as a reply because someone had asked
about it, but I realized that it may be better suited here.

I am wondering who is all interested in LEED approved statewide average
utility rates for eQUEST. I have been maintaining free EIA rate libraries
for TRACE 700 (I update at least every 3 months) and it would be a bit of
extra effort vs TRACE, but I am thinking about building a process to
maintain these rates for eQUEST.

My logic is that we are trying to be EFFICIENT, why should everyone be doing
the same thing? Anyway, I personally try to use the actual rate structures,
but I also explore every multiple options (sometimes the averages are a
better option!). I am trying to gauge interest in this.

*IF you are interested or you wish to express that you are not interested,
please vote at the homepage of energy-models.com* (it's on the right side of
the page and you may have to scroll down a bit). If there is enough
interest, I will expedite my attempts to make the utility rates in eQUEST.

And while we are at it, if anyone wishes to share a useful file, I will be
glad to get it listed.



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