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I am an experienced Trace 700 user. I was recently presented with a
request to create an EQuest project from an existing Trace 700 file.

I have never used EQuest before. Does anyone know an easy way to take
the information from the Trace file and import it into an EQuest file?
If not, is anyone aware of free EQuest training?


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Hi Kirk!

I'm not aware of any importing procedures for Trace work, so if it were
me I'd probably just get started from scratch. I think it might still
be worth asking the question on [eQuest-users] however - someone out
there may have developed something they'd share for the task. If it's
any consolation, with a complete Trace file and your personal
familiarity, you probably have a good amount of information consolidated
into a single reference - that will prove to be a timesaver, removing
much of the 'info-gathering' time/energy from one of your first projects
and letting you focus on learning something new.

Free training in the sense of structured training/classes is uncommon,
but you may find it here and there for specific topics rolled into
product presentations inquire and express interest with your equipment
reps - you may get lucky).

That said, at least a few of us can attest that eQuest can be picked up
without formal instruction or spending anything beyond your time, but
having a mentor handy to look over your shoulder and answer questions /
share tips / guide you on time-efficient workflow is definitely
preferable to learning alone - at least to start.

Others pick up eQuest in for-cost formal classes or personal
instruction. I can't offer any personal direct experience on the
receiving end in this regard, but you can seek and find references and
solicit offers for instruction from the eQuest-users community if you
wish to. Perhaps someone is already local to you and available?

Your comfort with Trace will definitely give you a leg up over other
starting at square zero - you'll identify similarities once you begin to
construct your first models and should have a good grounding on the

Best of luck - and welcome to the family!


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Although I've never done it, you can export from Trace to gbXML which
could then be imported into eQUEST via Autodesk Green Building Studio.
Might be more work in clean up though then just creating the eQUEST
model from scratch. There are good tutorials available for eQUEST via


Andrew Craig PE, LEED AP

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