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I just wanted to let everyone know my response to the
compilation of mailing list mail on another
web site.


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Subject: Re: [Equest-users] Compilation of
Date: Fri, 04 Nov 2011 16:17:40 -0500
From: Jason Glazer
Reply-To: Jason Glazer
Organization: GARD Analytics
To: Bob Fassbender

Mr. Fassbender,

You did not seek permission to mirror the
mailing lists from the people who post to the list or myself
as the administrator of the mailing lists. While the GNU
Free Document License applies to the postings to the mailing lists, your site adds many other
terms of use which is a violation of Section 2 the GNU Free
Document License.

At this point, you should remove the postings and stop the
compilation process. If you would like permission to mirror
the mailing lists, I would suggest you start
by asking if anyone has any objections on the mailing lists. In addition, you would need
to modify the terms of your site.

Jason Glazer

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