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As an Energy Engineer / Modeler / Analyst working within the structure of the corporate, employee-owned environment, you will be part of a 9-person Sustainability Team which will allow you the best of both worlds - stability and creativity.  

This solid Massachusetts firm, and the wealth of experience that their principals bring to the table, means that you will have the rare opportunity to benefit from such a deep well of knowledge while at the same time being a valued and integral part of the company.

With our client, the scope and role of the Sustainability Team is ever expanding and the demand for the team’s involvement, on all projects the firm takes on, is recognized as critical by the other teams in the company.  

Your skills and expertise gained in the last 5+ years, coupled with the firm’s reach will allow you to utilize your talents which will afford you the opportunity to stretch and grow.  Your project experience should line up with the firm’s core projects which are large, complex and highly technical.

If you are ready to lead projects from day one, have a big picture perspective, the wherewithal to take the reins and make an impact with all of the resources available to you, then you just might be the Energy Engineer / Modeler / Analyst we are looking for.  

If you feel that you are a fit, please submit your resume to in WORD format.  

Qualified candidates will be contacted within 24 hours.  

If you have any questions, please call 949-682-9041.

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