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I would like to prepare for the BEMP exam.

Is there a special course or handouts which can prepare me well to pass the exam and get the BEMP certification?

 I am planning to take the exam in the next coming months in 2014. I checked the ASHRAE guideline and there are many standards (90.1, 55-2013, 62.1-2013, and many others) I have to be familiar with but these require a lot of study. 

Is there any posted previous exams? and what type of questions does the BEMP exam include?


I appreciate your replies.


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I'd say start with looking into ASHRAE for reference material and supporting study material. They suggest study material, but I hear that experience in energy modeling is far more valuable. I have not seen a practice exam out there except for a few questions here (6 questions). From what I've been reading online is that for those who have taken the exam, experience is the only thing that mattered to understand how to build a nearly close energy model. I say this since there is no such thing as an accurate model, ok maybe 85% correct, but I digress.

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I'd say the biggest thing is to make sure you are very familiar with ASHRAE 55, 62, 90.1 as well as being moderately familiar with ASHRAE 14 and Fundamentals CH. 15, 19, 25, 26, and 27.  It seems like a lot but as previously stated, experience is essential since you use the concepts from these books on a daily basis so reading through them is more like a refresher than learning it all for the fist time.

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