Supply Air Temperature Reset

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I am facing an issue with SAT reset for baseline model. I have the following project details:


1.     School Project in Climate Zone 1B

2.      No Space heating

3.      Non Residential with area greater than 14,000 m² therefore System 8-VAV with PFP Boxes is used

4.      The room set point is 23°C therefore the supply air temperature in baseline is 12°C. (G3.1.2.8)

5.      The supply air increases to 14.3 °C as per section G3.1.3.12 of ASHRAE 90.1 2007 standard.

This makes the baseline system to have cooling and reheating but it only happens when the VAV flow is at the minimum. 


1. Is the interpretation right for supply air temperature reset?

2. Can baseline use a separate cooling coil for fresh air and a separate for room loads?

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