90.1-2007 Addendum dn

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Does anyone have experience modeling this for LEED EAp2/c1? We have a warehouse project with gas-fired heat only MAUs (about 35,000 cfm total) and 100,000 cfm of what I'd define as non-mechanical cooling exhaust fans (per the addendum) which draw OA in through louvers for 'cooling' in the summer. Unfortuantely our proposed building combined fan power is about 3x higher than the calculated baseline fan power as required for Systems 10 and 11 per appendix G. What am I missing here... are our fans just oversized? Baseline CFMs is approximately 31,423 cfm and CFMnmc is 100,000. Proposed SA is 35,000 cfm from the MAU's.

Proposed: Supply (heat only MAU) = 44.5 HP, Auxillary (Exhaust Fans) = 48.5 HP, Total = 93 HP

 Baseline: Supply (heat only MAU) = 18.21 HP, Auxillary (Exhaust Fans) = 9.16 HP, Total = 27.4 HP

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