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Dear colleagues and friends:

My apologies to those who have already received this email.

Some of you might be interested in a new textbook called the Daylighting Handbook I, that I just completed. The book is organized into two parts, Fundamentals and Designing with the Sun. Fundamentals serves as a general introduction to daylighting, its implementation and its daily and seasonal availability. It also explains how light helps us to perceive the world around us and to maintain our circadian rhythm. A practical approach to building massing via rules of thumb is provided in chapter 5. Designing with the Sun introduces the reader to methods of how to determine where the sun is located in the sky throughout the year. Chapter 7 shows how this information can be used to design static shading devices. Heliodon studies using physical models are discussed in chapter 8.

More information can be found at The book is available on and/or the web site via PayPal.

Happy Spring Reading!

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