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Which file contains the script for the parametric runs?

Can the parametric scripts be copied in a text editor from one model to

Jonathan R. Smith AIA LEED(r)AP

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It is the .prd file which is a text file that defines parametric runs.

The answer to whether it can be copied to other models -- the answer is
a very cautious yes. You simply rename the old .prd file with the new
project name and pow, you have a series of parametric runs to start with
in the new model. */However/*, parametric runs use the u-value names to
identify model components to be changed. Thus, as long as your zone
names or AHU names or whatever are the same, then, yes, you could use
the .prd file from one model to another. However, as you can imagine --
once things change, it is very challenging to realign them.

Good luck.

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Agreed. It can be carried from project to project and even edited as text file, though you have to infer the syntax. I don't simply drop an old one into a new project, I create a parametric run in the target project and then replace it with the prd file from the source project. I recall hitting snags if the projects were from different eQUEST versions or in trying to change a subset of something rather than all of the instances (to which Brian alluded). A fix is have the moved PRD file change all of something (i.e. all windows) and then open the new project and revisit the checkbox list in the parametric run dialogue (i.e. check only south windows).

Back up your files and give it a try, starting with the something simple like building azimuth rotation.

Paul Riemer, PE, LEED AP

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I think I tried a simple copy/paste at one point and found it didn't
work initially - I speculate there's some trigger in the .pd2 file or
elsewhere that tells eQuest you have a .prd to be looking for at all (it
doesn't just know)... you might need to open the model first and create
a "dummy" .prd by saving a single parametric item you won't be using
before trying the copy/paste/rename approach?

If anyone can patch together a brief "how-to" for cleanly "importing"
parametric .prd items, it would be much appreciated =). Until now, I
haven't given the idea much thought, and I'm curious if others have
added this strategy to their modeling toolbox as a timesaving



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Thank you all. I'm editing the destination files .prd file by
copying/pasting from the source file. So far so good.



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