Electric and Telecommunication Rooms

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Recently I was asked by USGBC reviewer to clarify why I modeled the Electrical and Telecommunication Rooms with a separate split heatpump. I found a LEED v2.2 EAc1 CIR that explained that per 90.1-App G I was required to provide heating if no heating was required, and cooling if no cooling is required, sure enough it was in there so I did so ignoring App-G other statement that if the spaces can be separated 20,000 sf that you may have a secondary system. The CIR stated that if these spaces used electric heating that I should model it that way, even though the rest of the building might be on a packaged roof top gas-fired Dx unit. The reviewer has accepted my explaination. I'm not sure if that means that I wasn't improving my efficiency and they were wondering why I did that...or that it had so little of impact on the overal efficiency that it really didn't matter.

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