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Hello, Has anyone successfully modeled CHP in eQuest?
We have this industrial facility with absorption chiller and a gas turbine
generator to produce energy and use it in process end uses, in order to
take advantage of the fuel rate and being able to claim savings (since
process represents almost 90% of total energy cost). But I'm having a hard
time assigning the meters,
1.- How many meters should i have?
2.- cogeneration track mode should be track electric, thermal or maximum?
3.- in the electric generator tab, what meters should i assign?
I've made trials with up to 5 meters (original electric and fuel, plus
additional electric and fuel for the electric generator, +1 additional
surplus meter for electricity "not used" and sold back to the grid, but the
result changes dramatically depending on meter assignment. (been wrestling
with all possible combinations)
The gas turbine generator has a capacity of 1505 kw with a HIR of 2.5
Best case scenario, according to PS-C the generator runs at 90%/full
capacity for almost 70% of time offsetting 60% of energy cost. (sounds
logic) and meter assigments for this case is as follows:
Building end-uses: EM1 (Track electric load), FM1 (natural gas)
Electric Generator: Fuel meter=FM1, Electric meter=EM1 (track electric
load), Surplus Meter=EM3
However, if I change meter assignments, worst case
scenario, the CHP produces energy just to offset the absorption chiller
consumption (chiller consumption dramatically increases) and somehow even
though we decrease electricity energy cost, the fuel energy cost skyrockets
and total energy cost remains balanced (actually proposed designs costs 5%
more to operate, meaning no savings and meaning no EAp2. (this scenario
according to PS-C the generator runs at 40-50% capacity the whole year,
producing an overcost). Meter assigments for this case is as follows:
Building end-uses: EM1 (Track electric load), FM1 (natural gas)

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