Chilled Beams, 4-Pipe FC & PTAC

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I've only been using eQuest for a couple of weeks now (v3.64), so the learning curve is a little steep right now. And thanks to all in the group that answer these questions. It's a nice resource to have.

So my actual building that I'm trying to model is a 5 story student residence (with some small retail on the main floor).

? Cooling: passive chilled beams (packaged screw type chiller).

? Heating: hydronic baseboards (high efficient condensing boilers)

? Ventilation: corridor and bedroom low velocity pressurization to meet OA requirements with exhaust in the kitchen/bath areas (all routed to an energy recovery wheel, then heating coils using the same boilers noted above)

My 'Proposed Model' in eQuest, I've selected,

? System Type: 4-Pipe Fan Coils with HW Heat (and have given the fan energy a 'zero' value)

? Cooling: CW Coils

? Heating: HW Coils

? HW Baseboards selected

My 'Baseline Model' in eQuest, I've selected,

? System Type: PTAC

? Cooling: DX Coils

? Heating: Electric Resistance

? HW Baseboards not selected

I'm putting this email out there for the community to see if I'm on the right track or I need to change a few things. Every time I try something in the Detail Data Edit mode, I seem to get errors/warnings. So I'm still working in the Wizard for now until I get a little more comfortable with eQuest.

Few questions though;

1. How do I model the energy recovery wheel with the 4-Pipe Fan Coil system for my 'Proposed Model'?

2. Is it ok to stick with the PTAC w/ Electric Resistance or do I need to change my heating source to HW and create another heating loop in the Detail Data Edit for my 'Baseline Model'?

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