Can we export the Revit data to EQuest ?

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Hi all,

Can we export the Revit data using GBXML to EQuest? What info moves between Revit and Equest? Please Any help would be appreciated.


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You can export revit model to equest in the gbXML format ( you many need green building studio to convert it though) gbXML format includes all the geometric and material information (somebody correct me if I'm wrong) you can read more about the gbXML schema here:


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This is further to what Pallavi mentioned. Yes, you will need Green Building
Studio (GBS) for translating gbXML to eQuest's .inp. If it's possible,
eliminate the surfaces or objects from your Revit model, those that you
think will have very little to no effect on building performance. Of course,
that will also depend on what stage of the project you are. Extra detail
will cramp simulation, or will not be translated by GBS. For example, GBS
will not let you translate >1024 building shades (that'a a DOE-2 limitation,
and GBS uses DOE-2 engine). Once the translation seems to have been done,
make sure you look at the VRML view in the GBS window. It is not necessary
that everything you see in this view will get to eQuest via the .inp, but
this way you would at least know where the information leaks.


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