Building Simulation Conference 2011

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Dear Building Simulationists,

Building Simulation 2011: Simulation in the service of a sustainable, net
zero energy future - first announcement and call for papers

The BS2011 Scientific Committee has great pleasure in inviting you to put
the dates 14-17 November 2011 in your calendar as the Building Simulation
2011 Conference in Wellington, New Zealand.

We hope to engage with you in an examination of the role of building
performance simulation in a world that increasingly looks to our community
to deliver buildings that perform better. The construction industry is under
pressure to deliver good quality buildings that meet the needs of their
occupants and at the same time have a zero impact on the environment or
demand on energy resources. Performance simulation is becoming an integral
part of that delivery process

CALL FOR PAPERS - from practitioners as well as researchers and software

A formal call for abstracts with details of the submission process at the web site will be released in August. Submission of
abstracts will be by 1 December 2010. Conference brochure can also be
downloaded from this web site.

The conference themes are listed below. In line with recent Building
Simulation conference practice, the BS2011 organisers would particularly
like to invite practitioners involved in building design and performance
assessment to relate their experiences using simulation software, to hear
what others are up to, and to interact with the worldwide community of
software developers. An 'applications day' has been set aside for this
purpose within the overall conference programme.


The following key dates should go into your diary now:


Dec 1 Abstracts due (Monday)


May 9 Full papers due

Sep 12 Deadline for early conference registration

Nov 9 Deadline for conference online registration

Nov 14-17 BS '11 Conference


The International Building Performance Simulation Association Conference,
gathers the world's leading experts and researchers on all aspects of
modelling and simulation of the performance of the built environment. The
aim of this prestigious conference, which is held every two years, is to
share leading-edge ideas, and to explore ways in which performance
simulation can enhance the quality of life and sustainability provided by
our built environment. Recent conferences have been held in Beijing and
Glasgow and attracted over 300 papers on a broad range of topics from
advances in modelling light heat and sound in buildings to practical case
studies of the role of simulation in design practice.

The host of BS2011 is IBPSA Australasia.


The committee is interested in all aspects of the simulation of the
performance of buildings and suggests the following themes may help organise
your thoughts in preparation of a relevant abstract and paper:

1. advances in the modeling of building energy and mass flows - light, heat,
sound, and air

2. developments in the modeling of human comfort and performance in the
built environment

3. improvements in the empirical and theoretical modeling of building
systems (HVAC or openable windows, or dynamic shading systems)

4. the role of simulation in commissioning and operation and integration
with building automation systems

5. the integration of energy capture and conversion models into building
performance simulation

6. advances in applications including modeling micro-climate; simulating
Indoor Air Quality; integrating performance simulation into the building
delivery process.

7. demonstration of the reliability of simulation through validation and

8. practical studies of the role of simulation in design practice -
including case studies of user interactions with the software

9. examination of the role of simulation in regulation and code compliance


Wellington (, as the cultural as well as the
political capital of New Zealand, offers an unrivalled opportunity to engage
with New Zealand's unique Pacific mix of cultures in times out of the
conference programme. The timing of the conference is such that you should
be able to enjoy the delights of Spring in New Zealand and avoid the crowds
gathering in the country for the Rugby World Cup
( Sept 9 - Oct 23 2011).

We look forward to seeing you at BS2011 in Wellington.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Donn

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