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I'm working on a project where we want to figure out how many hours a
year the building demand (KW) falls within given ranges (0-10KW,
10-20KW, 20-30KW, etc).

Is there an output report that shows this that I'm just not finding?

I set up a natural gas generator, and based on the output of this
generator, I can tell what part load ranges the equipment runs in, and
from this I can get a decent idea. But in order to breakdown the ranges
into small enough increments (10KW), I end up having to set up multiple
generators with load management schemes, but the numbers just aren't
really making sense.

Attached is a jpeg of the current load profile. I understand that there
is a peak near the 200 KW range - this is where the after-hours loads
settle at, and it is understandable for thousands of hours to be in this
range. What I don't understand is why there are two peaks at 420 KW and
620 KW, and almost no hours in between. I think it has something to do
with the generators, and how eQuest calculates the hours within a given
part load range, particularly when the 1st generator is at full load and
the 2nd incremental generator kicks on (I have the loads set to NOT

I think it would be much more precise to be able to see the KW demand
for the main EM1 meter. Is that possible?


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You can create a new hourly report block that shows demand. Select
"Building HVAC" variable type and "Building elect load (kW)", then
assign the block to the Hourly Report. It will show up in the Hourly
Reports section of the .sim file. You can then press the "Hourly
Results" button in the upper right corner of the SimViewer to get an
Excel spreadsheet and sort the data by the demand column. There is also
an "Electric Generator" variable type as an hourly reports option that
you may want to use.


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