Building Energy Performance Analysis Notes

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The web site ?Building Energy Performance Analysis Notes? contains my class notes for teaching ?Energy Efficient Building Design? to graduate students at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) as a part-time Adjunct Professor from Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) LLP. I retired from SOM in 2006 and I am no longer associated with IIT.

Is there any interest in using the information in the website by a new or existing organization and developing the objectives of this project? The objectives (which can be revised and expanded) are shown on the HOME page and reproduced below. The emphasis is on education with case studies to bring A-E design practice into the classroom. I am going to discard the info if there is no interest.


(1) Develop case studies for different types of buildings with energy conservation options using different energy analysis programs. A statistical database of building performance by building types can be useful to A-E firms as a reference guide in the design of, and for projecting the performance of new buildings.

(2) Develop case studies of campuses and townships. Campuses & townships can save energy by using cogeneration plant for power and HVAC. Example: Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) comparing the present IIT campus Mechanical-Electrical Systems with a proposed central system that includes a Cogeneration plant for power and HVAC -

(3) Develop courses and graduate programs in energy efficient building design and would emphasize design practice using case studies. The two year graduate programs can be taught part-time by adjunct faculty working full-time at A-E firms if the basic teaching notes are developed by the group.

(4) Develop research topics by Academia in A-E design submitted by A-E design firms. A-E design firms cannot justify the overhead cost of Research & Development but a Group representing A-E design firms can accomplish this with the support of academic research institutions.

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