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Hi All,
Computational fluid dynamics a very powerful concept of
optimizing air flow and predicting thermal comfort of a building in
terms of temperature, air circulation, contaminants etc however
applying a correct boundary condition is a time consuming work as the
boundary conditions varies our results varies over a range recently i
seen a cfd online query where one user has used velocity as inlet
condition and pressure as a outlet condition for naturally ventilation
a room with heat a generating source inside room how far is this
condition justified.


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There are a number of publications available on linking CFD with thermal
and airflow simulation.

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Prediction within Whole Building Simulation/. Proceedings of 9th IBPSA
Conference, Montreal, Canada.

2006. Hand J, Samuel A. /Modelling Potentially Complex Flows within
Historical Buildings./ Proceedings of "Simbuild 2006" 2nd National
Conference of IBPSA USA, Cambridge, USA.

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building thermal simulation', PhD Thesis
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University of Strathclyde.

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Modelling Within Dynamic Whole-Building Simulation', PhD Thesis
Glasgow: University of Strathclyde.

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by Combining Network Approach, CFD and Thermal Simulation', Proc. 16th
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Clarke J A, Dempster W M and Negrao C, `The Implementation of a
Computational Fluid Dynamics Algorithm within the ESP-r System
Building Simulation '95, Madison, Aug 1995, pp166-175.

2006. Samuel A. /On the Conflation of Contaminant Behaviour Within Whole
Building Performance Simulation/. PhD Thesis. University of Strathclyde,
Glasgow, UK.

2006. Samuel A, Strachan P. /An Integrated Approach to Indoor
Contaminant Modelling/. HVAC&R Research. Volume 12, Number 3a. Special
Issue: Building Performance Simulation.

2007. Hand J, Samuel A. /CFD Assessments within Strongly Transient Domains./ Proceedings of 10th IBPSA Conference, Beijing, China.

Beausoleil-Morrison I and Clarke J A (2003) 'An adaptive conflation between computational fluid dynamics and thermal simulation for modelling indoor air flow and convective heat transfer at internal building surfaces', /ASHRAE Transactions/.

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