BSUG - BSUG July 30th - We're Back!

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Hello All,

We hope this email finds you well during these times. We would like to announce that BSUG is back and thank you for patience as we worked through AutoDesk's new verification system. Our speaker has regained access to Revit/Insight software and is working on turning out models while documenting the process as quickly as possible. Therefore, we have set the date for the The State of Autodesk Simulation Software - Revit presentation to July 30th. To register for the lecture please see below or visit:

If you have already registered for the lecture you should have received an email about the change of date.

Also, all future BSUG will held as webinars with no in-person attendance permitted. As such we are changing the way we give away door prizes and will now open prizes for all participants that reside in Idaho Power Service Territory. You can find a map of their territory here:
If you are selected as a winner we will reach out to you for an address that you would like us to ship your prize.



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