#BSO2022 Registrations Open

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Registrations have opened for IBPSA-England?s Building Simulation and Optimisation Conference which will take place online on 13-14 December 2022. Register now!

The two-day conference, hosted by the University of Bath, Centre for Energy and the Design of Environments, in additional to traditional BSO themes also has a special focus on building simulation and optimisation in the Global South. This conference will provoke thought and gather knowledge on how we can address the challenges faced by the Global South in designing buildings that are carbon, energy and health optimized. Happening in a post-COVID world, this conference will be completely virtual, attempting to be more inclusive for colleagues who might struggle to get funding to travel.

What?s in store for BSO2022?

* Keynote Speeches from Prof Rajan Rawal, Prof Ana Paula Melo and Dr Jacques Laubscher.
* Conference presentations.
* Oxford-style debate where speakers (Prof. David Coley and Annie Marston) will argue for and against the motion 'Building energy modellers are not literate.'
* Research showcase: key outputs from a series of high-profile research grants awarded under the Newton Fund between researchers in the UK and India.

Price from ?10.00 to ?75.00.

Haven?t submitted a paper? No problem. You can join the conference as an attendee only for ?10.

Register now!

Looking forward to seeing you all!

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