[Bldg-sim] Looking for a DOE-2/eQuest Analysis Example

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I am looking to acquire example eQuest data to
demonstrate the following usage scenario for a campus with distributed
1. Capture an existing facility layout, loads, and energy systems.
2. Plug-in parameters for alternative energy productions systems and energy conservation measures.
3. Communicate near term cost/benefits, and life-cycle cost/benefits for each alternative.

looking to demonstrate the concept at this time. Do I have to build
the baseline and simulation data; or, is there public eQuest files that
can help me?

James Vicedomine

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Sounds like too much trouble.

I'd use the 41 hourly files that come with the ASHRAE RP1093 test data. These are available from Mike Vaughn, Manager of research at ASHRAE. Or, the easiest thing to do is to take the published WD/WE profiles that come with the 1093 toolkit and plug them into EQUEST, as they are in BDL format (also BLAST and EP). Then scale to your utility bills. What you're trying to do is possible, but requires some serious computing.

Robert Sonderegger gave a Seminar talk awhile back about this sort of analysis, which he has done for utilities to predict overload data on substation transformers -- not for the faint of heart. Others have done work in this area as well, including Hashem Akbari, and Jeff Hirsch.

Jeff S. Haberl, Ph.D., P.E., FASHRAE

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