[Bldg-sim] Equest3.6 Outside Air System with Demand Control Ventilation - Reports

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EQuest 3.6: Modeling a dedicated outside air system (DOAS) which supplies 7 interior zones directly and 48 fancoils. The DOAS MIN-OA-Control = DCV Zone Sensors and MIN-OA-Method = Set by Critical Zone. The critical zone is one of the 7 zones directly supplied by the DOAS. The fan coil MIN-OA-Control = DCV Return Sensor and MIN-OA-Method = Sum of Zone OA and Outside Air From System = DOAS.

The warning message says " DOAS defined as an OA-FROM-SYSTEM has OA flow requirement of 4667 CFM but its calculated OA flow is only 469 CFM. Its MIN -OUTSIDE - AIR has been reset to meet this requirement..."

The system summary report for DOAS shows sum of (7) zones: 469 oa cfm and 6240 supply cfm.

Does anyone know....

1) Is the 4667quantity the DCV OA CFM which includes the "calculated 469 cfm" outside air for the 7 zones directly attached to the DOAS and the outside air to the fancoils that are indirectly attached to the DOAS? Other than the warning, where in the reports can I find this number?

2) Does the 6240 quantity include the 7 directly supplied zones OA cfm, load cfm (approximately 1570 cfm which is reasonable given the peak load report BTUH) and the 48 fancoils OA cfm?

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