[Bldg-sim] eQuest Coil Temperature Differential

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eQuest allows users to specify loop and coil design temperature
differentials, and yet it appears that these setpoints are not maintained
within the program. For example, I can specify a hot water loop temperature
differential of 25?F and specify that all the coils are selected at 25?F,
yet the hourly temperature differentials are typically 40?F even when the
supply hot water temperature is held constant at the design temperature
throughout the year. With 2-way control valves it seems as though the
temperature differential across the coils should remain within several
degrees of 25?F. Do you agree?

The impact of the high coil/loop differential temperatures is the
underestimate of pump energy.

I posted a question similar to this in October and did not get a response,
so your input is greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your time,

Eric Studer, PE, LEED AP

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