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Hello All,

I am a moderately experienced Equest user and a first time inquirer to the Bldg Sim forum, and I have just been posed with a question from my boss to which I don't know the answer. Is it possible to import a gbXML file into Equest? We are trying to collaborate our design efforts with our client, an architect working in Revit, who has send us a gbXML file to use for our energy modeling purposes. Are their other software suites that will convert gbXML to a regular Equest *.inp file?

I look forward to working with and contributing further with you all at the Bldg Sim forum.

Happy New Year,

Josh Talbert

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Green Building Studio will run very basic energy calculations using the
gbXML format, but also has the ability to export to both the energyplus
file format and the DOE-2 file format. However, I am not aware of any
software that will directly convert to an *.inp file format.

Alan Jackson, LEED(r) A.P.

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For gbXML to eQuest, check out www.greenbuildingstudio.com ...

You can import the gbXML into GBS, then save as DOE-2 file. However,
this DOE-2 file cannot be edited with eQuest wizards. You'll need to do
all editing going forward in the detailed interface. If you've not done
any projects yet with eQuest, there IS a learning curve that seems to
vary inversely with the cube of your overall level of computing
expertise ;-)

So if the project is coming from Revit, be sure to check out IES
. Despite the
relatively spendy price tag, you may be time and money ahead in the race
to obtain meaningful results.


Brandon Nichols, PE, LEED(r) AP

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Hello Again,

Thank you all for your responses! Per all of your instructions I registered with www.greenbuildingstudio.com and attempted to use their services to create an Equest type *.BDL or *.INP file from the gbXML file I was emailed.

When I attempted to upload the *.XML file using the Green Building Studio Client I was given an error that said:

"File does not have a valid five digit zip code."

So I opened the *.XML file with an editor and added the project zip code and saved it with a new name. Then I tried uploading it again via the Green Building Studio Client and I was presented with this next error:

"File received does not have any building area defined. This is an essential requirement."

Similarly, as I am also an experienced HAP V4.31 user I tried importing the *.XML file into HAP which gave me the following error:

"Data from the specified gbXML file could not be imported. Usually this is due to one of the following problems: (1) the file does not contain XML, (2) the file is not formatted according to the gbXML schema, or (3) the file cannot be found."

Of those three options I am assuming the problem is the wrong schema (2), as I know the file contains *.XML of some sort, and I do know where it is.

The architect with whom I am in collaboration used the File Menu pulldown option in Revit to "Export to gbXML" and then they emailed me the *.XML file that export command generated. Is there something that can be down to verify the file is: (1) in the right schema, (2) has been exported properly, (3) contains the information appropriate for Equest and/or HAP imports?

When I view the *.XML file I was emailed in my text editor it has only a bunch of 'surfaces' defined, 1,025 to be exact, it seems to me like there needs to be more in a gbXML file to perform and energy model than just 'surface' polygon definitions. Is this Architect providing me with an appropriate file, are there other ways to achieve better interoperability between his architectural needs and my energy analysis needs?

Thank you for all of your continued assistance.


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You said, "Is this Architect providing me with an appropriate file, are
there other ways to achieve better interoperability between his
architectural needs and my energy analysis needs?"

If you search onebuilding listserv archives
http://lists.onebuilding.org/mmsearch.cgi/bldg-sim-onebuilding.org using
"Revit" there are 10 responses.

There is an email where I put in a few links related to Revit, IES, gbXML,

One of the links speaks to your question regarding interoperability in that,
yes, there are certain items that need to be correctly modeled or included
in the model for energy analysis that are noted in the following paper:
Building Performance Analysis Using Revit at

I don't have direct experience using Revit for energy modeling. We recently
started using Revit Architecture and I've started down the path looking into
how energy modeling relates to the Revit model. Other ideas for you
including posting in the Autodesk and / or AUGI Revit discussion groups. It
is my understanding that Autodesk is working on a "sustainability dashboard"
that in a future (or next?) release may provide additional related analysis


Thomas E. Momeyer, AIA, CCS

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