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Dear Folks

I had?modeled?an nine storey office Building Iam getting an BDL error that zone is inconsistent with?definition: The reference expected a definition as TYPE= Conditioned. I designed this as an?unconditioned. How to get rid of this error? Please kindly help me on this. I had attached the files for your reference along with the weather file.Thanks a lot in advance.

Ramesh BR?

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The PSZ system requires a CONTROL-ZONE if there is more than one zone
on the system. If one conditioned zone is not named as the
CONTROL-ZONE then the first zone after the system definition is
assumed to be the control zone. A control zone cannot be unconditioned.

The fix is to enter Detailed Edit mode, change to Air Side HVAC,
select the System and name the Control Zone - from the list, I
selected EL1 SSW as it is the only conditioned zone on the system.

The file opens correctly but I don't believe you can switch back to
the Wizard Mode.

>> Christopher Jones, P.Eng.

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The Split system single is PSZ, or PTAC or UH but these systems are
the same in that the first zone on the system cannot be unconditioned
unless another, conditioned zone is explicitly defined as the CONTROL-ZONE.

Did you intend that each zone have a single system serving it? Are
the spaces to be heated some other way or are the spaces ventilated only?

It would be helpful if you could explain the proposed design HVAC

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