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Dear all,

I have to prepare a short presentation for a bunch of BSc students
(civil engineering) who might be interested in learning about building
energy simulations during their studies.

Do you know where I could find some basic teaching material in order
to have some inspiration for my presentation?


All the Best,

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Here are some webinars about energy modeling:
Select "energy modeling" under "Filter by topic."

Keith Swartz, PE | Senior Energy Engineer

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And if your course is looking at the range of approaches taken in whole-building simulation
tools they could go to the following link for the tool comparison web site that Dru Crawley
and I am working on (Note: this is work-in-progress):

And a slightly expanded view of one of the tools compared (ESP-r) can been seen here:

And there is a general discussion about how to plan simulation models that are
fit-for-purpose and discussions about levels of detail and selection of boundary
conditions and understanding performance predictons in the Strategies document
link below. It uses ESP-r for worked examples of issues that impact most simulation users.

Regards, Jon Hand, IBPSA Fellow (and official paranoid person of ESRU)

PS if these web sites are unresponsive email jon at so I can
give the server a wake-up kick.

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