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Hello Equesters,

In a case where we have an Auto Repair garage where the minimum ventilation
rates set by local code (i.e. Ministry of Labour) is greater than what the
reference building would use, is it adequate to modify the reference
building ventilation rate to match that of the proposed.

In my case the ventilation rate in this Auto Repair garage is 2cfm/ft2 and
for the reference it would be 0.7cfm/ft2.

I appreciate any help.

Ahmed Azhari, B.Eng., LEEDR AP

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Hello Ahmed,

It's unclear whether your baseline/reference building is intended to
follow the guidelines of 90.1 or some other modeling standard by your
Ministry... ASHRAE 90.1 in any case tells us proposed and baseline
buildings must have the same minimum ventilation rates (G3.1.2.5) - so
under that guidance, I would set the same CFM/ft2 for each model.


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My reference building is in accordance with Model National Energy Code of
Canada for Buildings 1997 MNECB. It makes sense to me to treat the
ventilation rate the same as the reference in an auto garage. This way
process ventilation is accounted neutral in both cases.



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