ASHRAE 90.1-2010 Standard

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Dear All,

I'm looking for *ASHRAE 90.1-2010 Standard*, I would be highly grateful if
you could help and share it.

Best Regards,

Wahid H. Mohamed, LEED AP BD+C

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I think you need to purchase it, unless you can find someone nearby who will lend it to you. It is available as a PDF download, so you do not need to wait for a shipment. It is copyrighted and has restrictions on the electronic version which make it work on only one computer.

James V Dirkes II, PE, BEMP, LEED AP

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If you have the proper version of Java on your computer, you can read the entire 90.1-2010 document for free at: It can?t be downloaded from this site, however.

Larry O. Degelman, P.E., BEMP, HBDP

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