Air-side HVAC Summary/ Compliance Report

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My company has just begun experimenting with Equest, and I'm the chosen on
the figure it out. There are a couple of questions that have eluded me up to
this point but I would imagine are some what trivial to people of the list
serv. These pertain to an seemingly error free DD model.

1. While looking in the Air-Side HVAC summary report I find a column
of Heat btuh/sf. Is this an average or a design day? It also seems 25% high
for many buildings compared to what I find using IMC equations for heat loss
and even adding in the ventilation load given from this same zone summary.
Are there some raw numbers I can use to verify this number?

2. While asking for a compliance analysis I received this message
(x19) :

"Table look up failed: A901-07_Envelope(1,5) evaluating rule: Look-up and
default C-Cfactor"

Is there some additional download package I need?


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