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Classification: UNCLASSIFIED Caveats: NONE I use trane trace to get the loads. Then I select equipment, but I do not use the cfms trace provides. Examples from trace: Stair well 7 cfm. (The unit I selected has only went down to 200 cfm) Storage room 12 cfm (I provided 50 cfm) And I round up other areas such as corridors and offices. The leed reviewer says the values in the model and in the design do not match. Do I need to go back through my trace file and enter the air flows I used in my design? The main system is an AHU with VAV boxes. If I go into each office and enter the airflows to match the drawings, will the program use that airflow at 100% or will the VAV box still modulate? Will I need to go through the pretend building and also manually change the cfms to match the design? Or should I use the values trace spits out? Also, a comment was that the pumps (and air handling unit) in the model did not match the model. I calculated that there would be 40 feet of head in the system, but I selected (and scheduled) a pump that provides a minimum of 60 feet of head. Do I need to enter in the scheduled values or the values I calculated? Classification: UNCLASSIFIED Caveats: NONE
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