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eQuest Users,

When you are in detailed edit mode, has anyone found a fast way to add an array of skylights (or windows)? Let's say that you want 96 2'x4' skylights in a 8x10 array. Instead of creating 96 skylights and offsetting them one at a time is there a faster way to do this? This could also apply to windows or other components. The thermal effects are not of interest here as much as the day lighting effects.

(When you use the skylight multiplier Equest warns you that it is multiplying the amount of light entering that one window and not spreading it around the roof).

Thank You

Joe Fleming

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The fastest way to add your windows and skylights is in the Wizard mode.
It is always a good idea to make sure that you have input your major
building characteristics (i.e. footprint, zoning patterns, windows &
skylights) in the wizard before you switch to ddedit mode. This is the
approach I use for my projects....I don't switch to ddedit mode until I know
that my windows & elevations look like they should from the arch dwgs.

eQuest has a forward-stepping process to it, and it is not very friendly if
you want to backtrack on your steps...


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Per conversation with Pasha, it appears that a good way to go about a task like this might be to open the old file that was last saved in wizard mode, or do a "save as" of the current DE file and then move back into wizard mode. From there input the skylight (or window) information, save the file, open the new .inp file and copy the skylight components, open the old DE .inp file and paste the components, clean up to avoid bdl errors.

"When I am done with all of my wizard inputs that I know I need to put in during wizard mode I do a "Save As" file so that I will always have a wizard-mode copy of the file. I then re-name the new file with "ddedit" somewhere in the name and then switch it to ddedit mode. At least if I have to go back to the wizard for some major zone adjustments I don't have to create a new file from scratch, or spend the detailed time in ddedit mode."

Joe Fleming

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That's a frequently used "trick" to working with the software - it
should work well for you but it always carries the risk that some
"gremlin" might get into the INP file somehow. I've seen people use
file comparison tools in a similar way - WinMerge is a good one that
compares the files side-by-side, highlights differences, and provides
point-n-click copy/paste capabilities. Just don't forget to save backup
files! I forgot a backup once and was lucky it was a small (5,000SF)
building model with not a lot of complicated details since I had to
start from scratch. Haven't forgotten since :)


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I'm with Jeremy in that I try to stay away from modifying .inp's unless I
absolutely have too. Too many extra variabilities/variables that I don't
like to be responsible for managing...too much risk if you don't need to
take it. I like to use the file comparison program called "Examdiff" , it
is also freeware.

And with extra emphasis for newer users of eQuest: Like so many of us that
have learned the hard way---make multiple file copies, back-ups, "save as"
new files at every 'milestone' of inputs or analysis you have completed,
save by dates, etc. It is not uncommon for me to have upwards of
30-different files of my project model that signify dated milestones, or
input milestones, etc. You will be more efficient on your project budgets
and tight deadlines if you have your 'back-up' copies to fall back too.
Always save a wizard-mode copy of your file--you never know when you might
need it...

one general correction to Joe's last comment--once you change a file into
ddedit mode you cannot switch back to wizard mode. eQuest is a
one-directional program--'you can go any direction you want as long as it is

pkg :)

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Sorry about the tardiness of my reply, I have been occupied.
To correct Pasha you can go back into the wizard mode. The qualifier is
you loose everything you entered in the detailed edit mode. So don't
enter anything and bounce back and forth as much as you want. I will
stay for hours or days at the finish button of the Project Navigator in
the DD wizard doing incremental edits, saving each time. Each time you
press finish your project is run, confirming equest is happy with your
changes. In building shell, using the action tab select, building
creation wizard, and it will bring up the project navigator. Pick the
shell your roof is on, select edit, go to screen 8, select custom, and
the screen drops down. You can set the skylight size, figure out your
percentage roof you want covered, add glazing and frame properties, and
the wizard will generate a skylight array for you.
Bruce Easterbrook P.Eng.

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