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Is there a 24 hour profile (hourly energy usage) by end use for each occupied and unoccupied average month? I can determine the peak day hourly breakout, by interpolating off the monthly 24 hour peak day end use graphs. Is there a printed report available? Any insights would be appreciated. Thank you and have a great day!


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You may be very interested in ECAM, a free spreadsheet tool that very
quickly provides average load profiles as well as many other capabilities
using hourly data, or other short-interval data/

ECAM stands for Energy Charting and Metrics, and facilitates the
visualization and analysis of interval meter data, EMCS data, etc. It
should be very easy to use with simulation output for looking at end-use

Key features of ECAM include:

* Data processing to attach schedule and
day-type information to time-series data;

* Filtering by daytype, day of week, time of
day, occupancy, binned weather data, month or year, pre/post, equipment
status, and combinations of these parameters;

* Normalization of data based on
user-entered information;

* Calculation of normalized metrics for the
points selected by the user; and

* Creation of a variety of load profile and
x-y charts for the points selected by the user.

The load profiles can be created by occupancy, by month, by day, by
year-almost any way you would like to create them. To do it by occupancy,
you will need to enter the occupancy schedule, but ECAM makes it easy by
using an interface that is very similar to the Equest scheduling interface.

The first release has a bug in the calculation of metrics for EMCS
point-level data, but the next version will have address that and add
numerous additional features.

One great feature is that ECAM creates scatter charts based on PivotTables,
which Excel won't allow you to do. So you can plot energy use, or equipment
power, versus ambient temperature and easily filter it by occupancy or other

One caveat is that ECAM was developed for Excel 2003, and I haven't had a
chance to get all the capabilities working with Excel 2007, although others
have been able to get partial capability.

ECAM is being used by a number of engineering firms, utilities, and
companies across the US, and can be downloaded at the California
Commissioning Collaborative's web site:



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