Review 1 -Templates

10 questions

  1. What Design Data is entered in the room template?

    The wall height

    The room area

    The floor to floor height

    None of these

  2. The internal loads schedule should be set to Available 100% as a conservative schedule for Load design

  3. During load design, it is very common to leave the supply airflow set to "to be calculated" in the airflows template.

  4. The only important input in the construction template is the U value, which can simply be over-ridden.

  5. What is wrong with the project information entry below:

    New Orleans 3 building Office.

    The use of numbers is prohibited

    The period is considered a special character and is not allowed

    There are too many characters in the description

    All of the above

  6. Trace requires an input in the project description

  7. It doesn't matter what type of miscellaneous load is selected, as long as all the numbers and schedules are over-ridden

  8. If you have two templates in each category: internal loads, airflows, construction, and thermostat, how many room templates can be created?



    More than 4

  9. In the thermostat template, the heating setpoint may be less than or equal to the cooling setpoint

  10. A 6 inch lightweight concrete block is to thermal mass, as what entry is to moisture capacitance