Plant Unloading Review

3 questions

  1. If each of the plants is at 50% load, what percent power does the ambient relief correspond to?

    Air cooled Scroll Chiller

    Industrial Rooftop-IPAK-20+ Ton-Scroll (air cooled unitary)

    Default Air cooled Chiller

    Default WSHP

    Default Water cooled Chliler

    You lose points by selecting incorrect options. You may leave an option blank to avoid losing points.

  2. If you look into the Trace 700 library, which of the following plants has the most efficient primary unloading curve?

    Air cooled scroll chiller

    Air to air heat pump (air cooled unitary)

    Air Cooled Helical Rotary Chiller

  3. Which of the following plants has the best primary ambient relief curve?

    Water cooled Chiller - centrifugal 2 stage

    Water Cooled Chiller - Centrifugal 2 stage W/ Var Freq Dr

    Water Cooled chiller - Centrifugal 2 stage W/ Optimized Tower