TRACE 700 Options Review

6 questions

  1. To properly model standard 62 in Trace 700, it only requires selecting yes to standard 62 in the airflows template and filling in the blanks.

  2. If there is a room with a ventilation requirement of 20 cfm, and the max z ratio is set to 50%, what is the lowest possible VAV min for that room (approximately)?

    30 cfm

    40 cfm

    20 Cfm

  3. Don't change fields marked in red without a very good understanding of the field

  4. The Trace 700 help file has a diagram illustrating the different ventilation deck locations.

  5. If the design airflow is set to 100 cfm at design, and the people AND ventilation schedules are set to 50% at noon, what is the nominal CFM of ventilation for that room at noon if Ventilation reset is selected?

    Design cfm stays constant at 100 cfm

    50% of the people * design Cfm of 100 = 50 CFM

    50% of the people * 50% of the ventilation * 100 cfm = 25 cfm

  6. Trace automatically calculates the appropriate hours for optimum start and optimum stop, if each respective schedule is set to Available 100%