Economics Review

6 questions

  1. The economics simulation is the fastest portion of the simulation in Trace.

  2. Economics can be simulated by simply selecting a rate structure

  3. All utilities must be specified under one rate structure.

  4. A building has a minimum demand of 80 percent. The peak demand of 1000 KW occurs in July. At a flat rate of $10/KW, what is the demand charge for the following months?

    December at 600 KW

    September at 850 KW

    August at 900 KW

    November at 825 KW

    You lose points by selecting incorrect options. You may leave an option blank to avoid losing points.

  5. A rate structure is set to cost 10 cents for the first 1000 Kw-hr, 8 cents for the next 1000 kw-hr, and 4 cents for anything beyond. The minimum monthly charge is $150. How much is the consumption charge for a month that uses 2400 kw-hr? 




  6. If a user went into the library and created a rate structure, and then tried to add the structure, but it was not listed under the menu, which of the following could be the cause (two correct answers)?

    The user forgot to save the structure.

    The user copied an existing library.

    The user never exited out of the define economics tab and went back into it, and therefore never "refreshed" the page so that the menu could be populated.

    Under the libraries menu, "Show T600 names" is not checked.