Alternative Methods Review

6 questions

  1. Select where in Trace 700 you would perform the following tasks:

    Change the default weather location

    Set the VAV boxes >= the Design ventilation

    Arrange Trace information alphanumerically

    Change to metric units

    Change to full year weather

    You lose points by selecting incorrect options. You may leave an option blank to avoid losing points.

  2. If you view reports using the visualizer, by clicking graph profiles and energy, what view options should be set to select individual variables?




  3. The electric Resource Utilization factor is set to 33.33. If 100 Kw-hrs of electricity are used on site, how much energy was used at the source?

    100 * 33.33 = 3333 kw-hrs

    100 * (1 + .33) = 133 Kw-hrs

    100/.3333 = 300 kw-hrs

    100*.3333 = 33.33 Kw-hrs

  4. Rooms can be created in both the component tree view and the project tree view.

  5. Data from the component tree view can be copied and pasted to and from excel

  6. If a "buggy" room cannot be deleted in the Project Navigator, it may be possible to delete it in the project tree view.