LEED Proposed Building Review

7 questions

  1. APPENDIX G requires that  building design days are determined by ASHRAE 1% weather for cooling and ASHRAE 99.6% weather for heating (or historical data)

  2. In this single story building, which of the following best represents the below building using thermal blocks per the 90.1 if every single room is a classroom:





  3. If receptacles are not specified in detail, what percentage of the baseline COST is required for receptacles?





  4. How should a user enter the equipment size in the proposed building?

    Enter the equipment size as 100% or using the designed safety factor

    Enter the EXACT tonnage determined by the original load calculations

    Enter the EXACT equipment tonnage or btus per the design documents.

  5. What values for supply airflows should be entered in the proposed building?

    Cfm or air/changes per hour.

    Enter values such as 100% or 30% for values such as the VAV minimum.

    It is necessary to include a safety factor in the proposed building, so use values of 115%

  6. The proposed building should include ventilation values determined by ASHRAE Std 62, even if the local code requires more ventilation.

  7. If the proposed building design is complete, which building should generally be modeled first?

    The Baseline Building

    The Proposed buildling