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I am trying to model the following:

I have several water cooled condensers and I would like to reject their
heat to take care of the process load that exists on my DHW Loop, which
is served by a steam meter. I have tried using a WHLP as a primary with
the DHW loop as secondary, and vice versa. I have been unable to get
eQuest to allow something like this as it gives me error messages saying
that both a DHW and a WLHP cannot be specified as a primary loop.

Has anyone been successful in doing something with WLHPs?


Aaron Etzkorn, EIT

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I have never ran into this problem before. We have saved eQuest files on our
server and now trying to access them it gives an error which states "A
sharing violation occurred while accessing...(file name)." I have done this
for years and never have had this message now our files are useless b/c they
will not open, please help. Thanks in advance.

The error is an eQuest program error and not a server error.

Joshua D. Wolfe, EIT

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Sharing Violations occur when a file is open on one computer and another
attempts to access it. If you cannot access the file at all, I imagine
that you are experiencing a server error. Refer the error to your IT
department, as they should be the ones who can best handle this
situation. My best guess would be that your server needs to be

Gary Schrader

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