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Compliments all,

Please how can I get a weather Data file for Nigeria? Or what country data
file can I use that's similar to the Lagos city weather data?

Thank you very much.

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Thank you very much Mr. Eric.

I am looking for weather data file to help me with my building modelling on
the EQuest software. Specifically Weather data for Lagos city.

Thank you.

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There is a "typical year" weather file for Lagos
(NGA_LAGOS-IKEJA_652010_TYP) available at the White Box Technologies web
site (see url below in my signature).?? This file is derived from the
Integrated Surface Hourly Database (ISD),? an archive of weather station
reports around the world maintained by the US National? Center for
Environmental Information (NCEI). The data for Lagos Ikeja Airport
extends over 15 years of observations averaging once every two hours.?
WBT has also added hourly solar data derived from an EU weather
satellite, making this weather file the most accurate? and reliable
possible under current technology.?? WBT is a private venture
unsupported by any outside sources, so our products are not free. The
cost for a TYP weather file is $85.? If you're interested in historical
weather data, those are also available for over 8,000 locations around
the world starting in 2001.

One last point is that, unlike some other sources, WBT weather data come
in multiple formats include *.BINM for DOE-2/eQUEST, *.epw for
EnergyPlus,? as well as *.FIN4 text for use with Excel.


Joe Huang
White Box Technologies, Inc.
346 Rheem Blvd., Suite 205A
Moraga CA 94556
yjhuang at for simulation-ready weather data
(o) (925)388-0265
(c) (510)928-2683
"building energy simulations at your fingertips"

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Thank you so much for this.

I will go check it out.

Really grateful.

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